Here are a few featured weddings to look through. There are some from the UK as well as a few destination weddings. As well as photographing weddings in London I love to travel far and wide. I’ve been to Iceland, Mexico, USA and a few spots around Europe.

One thing I’ve learned is that weddings are all about the people. It’s not where you’re at but who you are with. So, although there are a few pretty backgrounds in the featured weddings section I hope you’ll see plenty of emotion and memorable moments.

I’ve been to over 200 weddings and no two are the same. In the featured weddings section, you’ll see plenty of uniqueness, characters and moments that can’t be choreographed.. I like to think of myself more as a photographer that goes to weddings rather than ‘a wedding photographer.’

I love being close to the action (where appropriate!) so you’ll find me blending in with your family and friends capturing everything I see, along with a few cool portraits and a few family photos. So that’s my approach. Relaxed, fun photos that capture the atmosphere of the day.

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